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Bradley (Alpharetta, Georgia) says...
Phenomenal shipping/service. Ordered on Saturday!! Received them following Monday!! Item packed well. Moved from Florida and could not find this food anywhere at new location. FISH HAPPY! Thumbs up
3rd February 2014 9:06pm
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Stephen Ruiz (Palmyra Va, US) says...
This was my first time placing an order from Kensfish -- Excellent transaction. Product came in quick order and the price was great. Will order more from Kensfish store in the future.
28th January 2014 7:47am
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Mark (Kingsport, US) says...
Kens just gained a new customer here. I received my package today and I am very pleased with my first order. I ordered a good variety of foods for my Cichlids and the ones I have tossed in the tanks they go nuts! Free shipping on my order and it took 6 days right here during the holidays so I am pleased. I had always heard good things about Kens but now I know why. I love the idea of the different blends and options on the foods. I will be ordering again. No doubt. Thumbs up
23rd December 2013 10:41pm
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JAMES SMITH (Baltimore, US) says...
I just got my 1st order from Ken's yesterday and i am very happy with the product. I have a small tank with 3 Peppered Corys, and a mix of glowlight, black neon, and neon tetras, plus 2 danios. So after finding Ken's website looking for some food cuz I was running low on LFS pellets/flakes, I decided to give it a shot. After looking through the huge selection of flakes and different pellets I ordered a 1/2 1b. of Premium Color Max and a 1/2 lb. of the 4 Bit blend to give my cats something different vs. shrimp pellets since day 1. So Ifinally got my package and fed my fish last night and I have never seen my Cory's tear food up like they were starving. Even the fish were trying to get to the Bits. The Color flakes I have to try again cuz i didnt get the frenzy I wasd expecting based on the reviews I read but most the fish ate it and seemed to like it. Maybe I should have got the tropical but im sure they will get used to it. Overall i am very happy with Ken's Fish and will buy again!
30th November 2013 10:37am
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RJ (US) says...
Hey everyone at Kensfish, thanks for having great products and prices! I have a 90 gallon and a 10 gallon tank with angels, gouramis, plecos, swordtails, guppies, cherry shrimp, ghost shrimp, flying fox's, white clouds, green corys, neons, pristella tetras, and almost every species has made babies in the 90 gallon tank and all I feed all of them is your food, even the fry in the 10 gallon tank and they all thrive. The 90 has huge filter, little giant pump, refugium, 160 watts of light, ph controller, sword plants, oak grass, guppy grass, aponogeton, and a huge rainbow shark (mellow one) Well you get the idea I heart my tank and everything in there is crazy about your food too so just thought I'd say so and thanks for letting me feed all my fish without spending tons of $$! My 3rd time ordering.
25th November 2013 1:53am
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