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Tom Hatch & Feed Shrimp Hatchery

Tom Hatch & Feed Shrimp Hatchery
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Feed live food to your fish, nauplii simply swim out of Hatchery into the aquarium after hatching. Can be used in fresh or salt water aquariums. Requires a source of air or small air pump.

Item: BC-28-08-1198

Tom Hatch & Feed Shrimp Hatchery
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Tom Hatch & Feed Shrimp Hatchery
They always show this thing standing upright, but it actually functions on its side, maiming it much larger than it appears, worked poorly on my hood, but once I finagled with it enough, it was functional if not pretty. Despite claiming 8 feedings, you can only program 4 times into it, with the possibility or it running a second time a minute later for each feed. Not what I had hoped for to feed my fry while I was out of state.
Tom Hatch & Feed Shrimp Hatchery
great product
Just remember to fill the tank at the same rate your taking water out when doing water changes so you don't mess up the SG.