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Ken's Premium Vegetable Flake

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Formulated using a wide variety of vegetables, including only the best kelp! Plecostomus, tropheus and a wide variety of cichlids thrive on this diet! Now with probiotics!

Main Ingredients: Mixture Of Plants And Vegetables Including: Seaweed, Spirulina, Carrots, Squash, Spinach. Vegetable Oils, Soy Meal, Yeast, Wheat Flour, Vitamin & Mineral Supplement. Asorbic Acid (Source Of Vitamin C). Natural And Some Artificial Coloring. Dried Bacillus Subtilis Fermentation Product, Dried Bacillus Licheniformis Fermentation

Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein 35.0% Min., Crude Fat 7.0% Min., Crude Fiber 7.0% Max., Moisture 8.0% Max., All Natural Ingredients, Except For Some Artificial Coloring. No Preservatives.

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Ken's Premium Vegetable Flake 1/4 lb.
Ken's Premium Vegetable Flake 1/2 lb.
Ken's Premium Vegetable Flake 1 lb.
Ken's Premium Vegetable Flake 5 lb.

When you buy the 1 lb. size you will receive two bags with 1/2 lb. of food in each. When you buy the 5 lb. size you will receive 10 bags with 1/2 lb. of food in each. This allows you to open them up as you need them instead of one big bag that will go stale. All of our bags are FDA approved resealable poly nylon bags that keep you food fresh.

Ken's Premium Vegetable Flake
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Featured positive reviews:

Ken's Premium Vegetable Flake
Exactly what I need for my critters
I love this stuff, and so do my dwarf shrimp and otocinclus catfish. It's especially great for the oto cats because they need a 100% vegetarian diet, and most "algae eater" foods have fish meal in them. Otos are famously picky eaters, but mine were purchased from a breeder who raised them on this great food! Even my mice love snacking on these flakes - one of them likes them so much that he snatches them right out of my fingers. It's a great product, and you get a LOT of it, even in the smallest package, for a fantastic price. I recommend freezing most of this product, since it will probably take you so long to use it all. I keep small containers of all my Ken's products near my tanks, and I store the rest in sealed baggies in the freezer until I need it.
Ken's Premium Vegetable Flake
Awesome delivery on ordered products as usual.
First and foremost I would like to Thank You and staff on filling my order with speed and expertise. I ordered a Fluval FX4 canister filter for my 125 gallon Tropheus fish tank along Ken's Premuim Vegetable flake fish food, and a Python Faucet Adaptor. These items was in my possession within four days. I have ordered from Ken's in the pass and will continue to do so. Thanks again for the positive ordering experience.
Ken's Premium Vegetable Flake
Even my carnivores like this flake!
I feed this flake mostly for my herbivores, but even my angels and cories love it! I've done a lot of shopping around and reading ingredients in fish food, and most other so-called "veg" flakes are mostly meat with a little spirulina - not ideal. However, Ken's Veg Flakes are one of the very few veg flakes actually made with only veg! I highly recommend this flake!
Ken's Premium Vegetable Flake
Used to order Wardley Spirulina flakes but they were discontinued. Awesome to be able to get a pure "veggie" flake for my fish again. Most veggie or spirulina flakes have the usual fish meal or byproducts as main ingredients in them for some reason which is hidden by the veggie flake or spirulina flake name.