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Ken's Premium Color Max Flake

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Nature's own coloring food! Brings out the radient natural colors of your best freshwater and saltwater fish! We have added 3 times the natural color enhancers with our new mixture! Now with probiotics!

Main Ingredients: Salmon Meal Blend, Special Mix: Dried Plankton, Shrimp, Krill And Dried Spirulina Algae, Wheat Gluten Meal, Oat Flour, Brewers Dried Yeast, Mix Of Natural Color Enhancers, Carotene, Lecithin, Soy Oil, Fish Oil, Vitamin Supplements, A, D3, B12, Biotin, Natural &Artificial Coloring, Ascorbic Acid (Source Of Vitamin C). Dried Bacillus Subtilis Fermentation Product, Dried Bacillus Licheniformis Fermentation

Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein 44.0% Min., Crude Fat 12.0% Min., Crude Fiber 7.0% Max., Moisture 8.0% Max. All Natural Ingredients. No Preservatives.

Product Cost Item# Reviews QTY Add  
Ken's Premium Color Max Flake 1/4 lb.
Ken's Premium Color Max Flake 1/2 lb.
Ken's Premium Color Max Flake 1 lb.
Ken's Premium Color Max Flake 5 lb.

When you buy the 1 lb. size you will receive two bags with 1/2 lb. of food in each. When you buy the 5 lb. size you will receive 10 bags with 1/2 lb. of food in each. This allows you to open them up as you need them instead of one big bag that will go stale. All of our bags are FDA approved resealable poly nylon bags that keep you food fresh.

Ken's Premium Color Max Flake
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85 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

Ken's Premium Color Max Flake
Excellent food!
Lets get the 1 issue out the way, this I should not knock a star for, but I will. When I received my shipment, the bottom of the bag had not seal properly, so when I opened the box there were red flakes all over the package :(.

This is by far my fish's fav'd food. When I drop in the flakes within 2 - 3 seconds it is gone. I have to drop it in and immediately shut the hood or I will be drenched in water as they dart up for their food.

This stuff is like crack for fish. They just go nuts for this stuff!

I've noticed that my tiger barbs have a much more defined body now, stripes are a deeper black and the orange is a lot more orange.

Flakes were good sizes too! HUGE flakes, it is HIGHLY annoying to spend $$$ on fish food only to find that the food is in tiny microscopic particles :).

Very surprised at the quality of this food!!
Ken's Premium Color Max Flake
Great Food
Being relatively new to aquariums and hearing about Ken's food on an aquarium forum I figured I'd try it. The quality of this stuff is great. I have 8 BlackSkirt, 7 Serpae, and 8 Neon Tetras in a 45gal planted tank. Ken's Brine Shrimp and Color Max Flakes are the only foods that all three types of fish like to eat. I tried Ken's Brine Shrimp first and later added his Color Max just for something different. I have 4 other popular brands and at least one type of fish didn't like. With the other foods you could see the fish picking and choosing the flakes. With Ken's food the Black Skirts and Serpaes eat the bigger flakes like Piranhas while the Neons hang toward the bottom of the tank to get the smaller flakes as they float down to them.
Not as important to me the cost savings is an added plus.
Ken's Premium Color Max Flake
Awesome food
I am really pleased with the quantity and quality of the food. Some of the reviews I read said their fish took a few days to adjust to the food...Not ours! Our 10 inch venustus cichlid swallowed my finger up to my first digit trying to get the flakes. We ordered the large batch not only for the price, but were pleased with the individual packaging..We have five tanks; a 220; a 110; a 60; a 30 and a 25 gallon where we keep our fry. The flakes are large enough for our big fish and we can crumble the flakes for our fry, although I have seen a bitty Johanni grab onto a huge flake and pull it under a rock. I highly recommend this food to anyone who wants healthy fish...I am very pleased with this product and will be purchasing more in the future.
Ken's Premium Color Max Flake
My fish can't get enough of this food
This is our second time ordering this flake from Ken's and our fish go crazy for it. This is by far the best flake we've ever given them and our fish are spoiled, we've tried flake from so many big name brands and we never get the same reaction from them as we do with Ken's. Their colors are always so much brighter and more vibrant. Our first time ordering it we got 1/2 a lb and this time we went all in and ordered 2lbs. Could not be happier with this flake.

Featured negative reviews:

Ken's Premium Color Max Flake
Bottom Line / Discus
Does your discus refuse to eat anything other than frozen bloodworms or frozen brine shrimp? That was my problem, they wouldn't touch store bought flake or pellets- any of it and I used supposedly the best flake/pellets you can buy at your conventional pet store, the expensive stuff too. So after weeks of the discus refusing nutritious food and only going for the frozen "treats" I decided to buy Ken's flake. To justify the shipping I ordered 4 1/2 lbs. Beefheart, Premium Color Max Flake, Premium Plankton/Krill/Spirulina Flake, & Premium Earthworm Flake. The discus eat all of them and love it. I just wish the flakes would sink a little easier since the discus have trouble getting at floating flakes. But when the flake does sink, the discus ravage it. My fish give it all fins up! My stressing and worrying about keeping my expensive discus alive from lack of good food and nutrition is gone.