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Ken's Premium Cichlid Mix

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This is an advanced cichlid food that provides an excellent balanced diet for your prize cichlids. This mix has our Cichlid Flake combined with our Cichlid Bits and Cichlid Sticks. Great for feeding both your cichlids who like to eat on the top and the bottom. The bits and sticks will sink right down to the bottom while the flake will stay suspendend in the water long. Now with probiotics!


Ingredients: Salmon Meal, Soy Flour, Fresh Earthworms, Wheat, Oat & Gluten Flours, Frozen Or Dried Brine-Shrimp, Dried Spirulina, Lecithin. Fish Oil, Vitamin B1, A & C. Choline Hcl, Biotin, Methionine. Thiamine ( Source Of Vitamin B1), Asorbic Acid (Source Of Vitamin C). Dried Bacillus Subtilis Fermentation Product, Dried Bacillus Licheniformis Fermentation


Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein 44.0% Min., Crude Fat 4.0% Min., Crude Fiber 7.0% Max., Moisture 8.0% Max. All Natural Ingredients, Except For Some Artificial Coloring. No Preservatives.

Product Cost Item# Reviews QTY Add  
Ken's Premium Cichlid Mix 1/2 lb.
Ken's Premium Cichlid Mix 1 lb.
Ken's Premium Cichlid Mix 5 lb.

Each resalable bag is package with 1/2 lb. of food. When you buy the 1 lb. size you will receive two bags with 1/2 lb. of food in each. When you buy the 5 lb. size you will receive 10 bags with 1/2 lb. of food in each. This allows you to open them up as you need them instead of one big bag that will go stale. All of our bags are FDA approved poly nylon bags that keep you food fresh.

Ken's Premium Cichlid Mix
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Featured positive reviews:

Ken's Premium Cichlid Mix
Ken's Premium Cichlidtastic
I review fish foods and blog about them for the Ohio Cichlid Association. I exclusively feed Ken's foods on a regular basis. I find that their nutritional value top notch and the best value food you can feed your cichlids. Ken's foods are wildly popular in Northeast Ohio which is a hot-bed for the cichlid hobby. Many hobbyists here have dedicated fish rooms with 50-100+ tanks and for these people, the quality and value of Ken's foods are paramount. A bag of Ken's food can sell for twice its retail value when entered in a local fish club auction! Ken's Premium Cichlid Mix was readily accepted by a variety of cichlids in my fish room, from Pseudotropheus species to Amphilophus. Not only does this food have a great protein to fat to fiber ratio, it's also got some power ingredients with the first ingredient being salmon meal. Ken's foods will not leach dye into your water and his Ken's Premium Cichlid Mix is no exception. Research his ingredient list to find out why we love this food.
Ken's Premium Cichlid Mix
Excellent Food Staple
I have a beautiful Cobalt Blue, Red Top Zebra (male) and a OB female. The two of them have successfully spawned 6 generations of cichlids. I've had to setup another tank. Water quality and good food are the keys. Ken's cichlid flakes provide everything the fish need nutritionally. The variety of flakes available ensures I have a reliable source of food. And you cannot beat the price.
Ken's Premium Cichlid Mix
Cichlid flakes
I've been buying these flakes for some time now. The reason: because the fish I keep are beautiful in color, are strong and have produced seven generations of African Cichlids! I have an OB female that has mated with a male Cobalt Blue Orange Top. They have delivered some really attractive young.
Ken's Premium Cichlid Mix
Another great order
This is the second order of food I got from Ken's. I was impressed with the speed of the free shipping, I think it only took 3 days. I love the way they individually packed their food in 1/2LB packs for freshness. Food is priced so reasonable I will never buy food any where else again.