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Ken's Premium 4 Bit Blend

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This is my special four bit blend with egg bits, earthworm bits, spirulina bits, & color bits. This is an excellent food for all your fish, and offers a wide variety of food to enhance breeding and health!


Ingredients: fish meal blend, special mix: dried plankton, shrimp, krill and dried spirulina algea, earthworms,spray dried egg,wheat gluten meal, oat flour, brewers dried yeast, carotene, lecithin, soy oil, fish oil, vitamin supplements, a, d3, b1, b12, biotin, natural & artificial coloring, ascorbic acid (source of vitamin c).


Guaranteed Analysis: crude protein 44.0% min., crude fat 4.5% min., crude fiber 3.5% max., moisture 8.0% max. All natural ingredients. No preservatives.

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Ken's Premium 4 Bit Blend
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Featured positive reviews:

Ken's Premium 4 Bit Blend
First Time!
I usually get the catfish bits, which they live, but my other fish were eating them too. I ordered this 4-bit blend to get a little better food since my fancy tailed goldfish was eating them too. When I got this new food, I put it where I put their old food. They liked the old food but after putting some of the new in my tank, about 30 seconds, all the fish came 'running' to the new food. They love it!! My mystery snails like it also. It's like a mass migration when I feed them.
Ken's Premium 4 Bit Blend
Great for Everyone
These bits are my staple food of choice for a large community tank with several types of cories, pencilfish and platies. Everyone likes to pick at the bits, even the bristlenose pleco will claim several for himself ... chasing everyone away until he's done eating them. They break down very slowly, and into smaller grains instead of dust - a perfect size for any baby fish hiding out, or ones that prefer to eat from the water column when stirred up by the cories.
Ken's Premium 4 Bit Blend
Wild caught pikes cichlids are eating this stuff
Bought the premium 4 bit blend for my catfish because they don't take the floating pellets. To my surprise my wild caught pike cichlids cane out to eat this. I was in shock because these guys would only take meaty frozen foods like blood worms or krill or live foods. Anyone that keeps wild caught pikes knows that it's just not in their DNA to accept prepared foods but this wasn't the case for the 4 bit blend.
Ken's Premium 4 Bit Blend
My catfish loves this stuff!
I have a Raphael Striped Catfish and a small school of albino Corydoras. They all absolutely LOVE these new pellets. My Raphael is usually pretty fat and lazy, but as soon as he gets a whiff of these, he is out hunting. His colors are a bit better as well. My bottom feeders seem so much happier on this food.