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Golden Pearls 500-800 Microns

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Golden Pearls is a revolutionary new larval diet that has successfully replaced live Artemia nauplii in marine fish hatcheries in Europe. A patented processing technique (agglomeration of micro-encapsulated particles) resulting in feed particles or "clusters" that resemble raspberries (under the microscope). Golden Pearls have tiny air pockets that keep the feed particles in the water column, not on the bottom of the tank, and mimics live brine shrimp nauplii. Ingredients: Brine shrimp, squid, shrimp and fish protein, animal protein, purified fish oils, phospholipids, astaxanthin, vitamins and protected minerals, antioxidants, and immunostimulants. These are now available in 6 sizes!

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Golden Pearls 500-800 Microns 2 oz
Golden Pearls 500-800 Microns 1/4 lb.
Golden Pearls 500-800 Microns 1/2 lb.


Protein 54%, Crude Fat 9%, Fiber 2%, Moisture 9%

The 2 oz. size comes in a jar. All other sizes come in a FDA approved resealable poly nylon bags that keep you food fresh. When you buy the 1/2 lb. size you will receive two bags with 1/4 lb. of food in each. This allows you to open them up as you need them instead of one big bag that will go stale.

Golden Pearls 500-800 Microns
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Golden Pearls 500-800 Microns
Great for shrimp and crayfish
My shrimp and dwarf crayfish love this stuff. Took a star off because my fish seem to not like it much and most spit it out...takes some getting used to as some of my fish are starting to eat it. Size seems to make a difference since all my fish (and juvies) LOVE the 100-200 micron and 5-50 micron golden pearls. They go after them like they are baby brine shrimp.
Golden Pearls 500-800 Microns
The 500-800 Micron size is really good for me. 3/4inch fry up to 1 1/2 juveniles all seem to love this food. I also really like the 200-300 micron size, which is great for small fry. The 300-500 size I don't like at all, not nearly as consistent in size and a lot of it seems to be dust.
Golden Pearls 500-800 Microns
Good for its size. It doesn't make my fish ravenous but they eat it. Also, it really does stay at all levels of the water column, which is a big plus in feeding all the fish.
Golden Pearls 500-800 Microns
Like - I love it
Not sure how well the fish like it , might not be the right size for them but that's in me. Great price love the re-selable bags