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Ken's Premium Veggie Sticks With Calcium

Ken's Premium Veggie Sticks With Calcium
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Formulated using a wide variety of vegetables, including only the best kelp! Excellent for shrimp, snails and other inverts that require a high level of calcium in their diet. This contains a 20% calcium level in a sinking stick. Now with probiotics!


Ingredients: mixture of plants and vegetables including: seaweed, spirulina, carrots, squash, spinach. Vegetable oils, soy meal, yeast, wheat flour, calcium, vitamin & mineral supplement. Asorbic acid (source of vitamin c). Natural and some artificial coloring. Dried bacillus subtilis fermentation product, dried bacillus licheniformis fermentation


Guaranteed Analysis: crude protein 35.0% min., crude fat 7.0% min., crude fiber 7.0% max., moisture 8.0% max., all natural ingredients, except for some artificial coloring. No preservatives

Item: ZZKS00230

Ken's Premium Veggie Sticks With Calcium
Average rating:
38 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

Ken's Premium Veggie Sticks With Calcium
Oto likes it. Snails love it.12/30/2013
By NativeKeeper
I got these to supplement my Oto's diet. I dropped one in my tank during daylight hours & within 15 mins one of my Oto's was eating it - very rare. He seemed to really be enjoying it.

They start breaking down really quick (like within 10 mins) but the bits don't float away - it stays in a nice little soft pile. Even after a couple hours it was still together in a pile. I think the Oto's like that. I haven't noticed any greening of the water like other reviewers mentioned but then my snails finish them off pretty quick. As soon as these hit the bottom the snails start moving toward them. I've only been using them a couple days so haven't noticed any changes in the snails. Oto's had fat bellies though. LOL

I like the ingredient list that includes probiotics & extra calcium. And really like that it contains no preservatives & is all natural except for some added coloring. Better food for my Oto's & snails. Another great Ken's food at a great price.
Ken's Premium Veggie Sticks With Calcium
Great product05/28/2014
By Brad
While fishing one day I came across a crayfish and decided to set him up in a spare tank at the house. A few days later I found his discarded shell, but assumed he had died. Nope, he was fine...he just molted. I did some reading and found out that the molt is normal and they need calcium afterwards to strengthen their shell. I was supposed to leave the shell in the tank so he could eat it; I just didn't know that at the time. Between the molt, though, they need calcium since they have an exoskeleton.

While searching the web for food recommendations I found a blog that mentioning Ken's Premium Veggie Sticks With Calcium. The crayfish loves these things! I feed him other stuff, too, but he gets veggie sticks every day. Once they hit the water he smells them and begins to hunt.

I highly recommend this product.
Ken's Premium Veggie Sticks With Calcium
Crawfish and snails love it07/20/2012
By rhardison
Since I started using these instead of algae wafers, my mystery and ramshorn snails started growing faster. Mystery snails that have grown from hatching to quarter size have a LOT nicer shell than the older snails that didn't have these pellets since hatching. Their shells are shiner and have less lines in them from the growth process. My crayfish started molting more often and grew faster as well. Over all, I highly recommend this for anything that needs calcium, such as snails, crayfish and shrimp.
Ken's Premium Veggie Sticks With Calcium
Ken's Premium Veggie Sticks With Calcium10/06/2014
By Hannah Green
Great price
Sinks quickly
Fish love them (critters in tank: baby bichir, cherry barbs, WCMMs, huge swarm of cories, ADFs, dwarf gouramis, kuhli loaches, nerite snails). I've seen everyone eating these- even the bichir, though she's spot-fed more appropriate food as well.

Incredibly messy if you overfeed

I was directed to this product by a friend and am very happy with it. I'm definitely going to be purchasing more in the future.