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Astaxanthin Powder

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This natural source of astaxanthin, derived from a unique strain of the microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis. The majority of the carotenoid fraction is astaxanthin, with about 15% of the remaining fraction consisting of canthaxanthin, lutein and beta-carotene. This highly concentrated form of natural astaxanthin has been carefully formulated into a fine, free flowing dark red powder and is an essential nutritional requirement for shrimp maturation and larviculture. Mix this with your flake and pellet food at the rate of 1 part powder to 500 parts feed. This will increase the platability and digestion of your food. Within 1-2 weeks you will see a large difference in the health and color of your fish because of the high amounts of Astaxanthan.

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Astaxanthin Powder 1/8 lb.
Astaxanthin Powder 1/4 lb.
Astaxanthin Powder 1/2 lb.

Astaxanthin Powder
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Astaxanthin Powder
Works for the right fish
Case: I have a batch of fishes, about 100. Some express reds and oranges more than others. Feeding on foods with initially no Astaxanthin

I've read studies that show Astaxanthin provides the best results within 90days, and thereafter the fish is saturated and does not gain much more. That said, my fish with the genetic disposition to express Redness has had a noticeable change in reds/oranges with the first week, and large changes within a few weeks. I expect them to continue to color up for another 2-3 months. Their siblings with less of an expression of reds/oranges haven't colored up at all.

tl;dr - Increases reds/oranges if your fish has the genes to express reds/oranges.
Astaxanthin Powder
magic coloring powder
I wasnt sure about this stuff at first but after i used it i got such great results from it my orange and red fish have never been so colorfull and bright before. And i had a couple true red terrors that i had since a half of an inch big and now they are about 5 inchs and everyone ask how i got them so colorfull, i use this on my flake food and pellets, this stuff is the real deal
Astaxanthin Powder
red fish
I have used this stuff for some time now. I add it to my microworms and grindel worm foods. It turns the worms pink. I have experimented with fry by splitting out a spawn and using half with the pink micro and grendel worms and half with just white grindel and micro worms. Much more red and brighter reds on those fed the worms that had consumed this product.
Astaxanthin Powder
I bought this product for My Flowerhorm coz I'm trying to join a FH show I started Feeding them my Beefheat recipe with Astaxanthin mix with it from Kens Fish and after about a week I notice thAt my FH colors turn more Intense bright red , great result I recommend this Stuff from KENS FISH :)