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Marina Hang On Breeding Box Large

Marina Hang On Breeding Box Large
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Designed for breeding, isolating or acclimatizing fish or shrimp, the Marina Hang On Breeding Box is a safe & secure nursery for livebearer fish that hangs on the outside of the aquarium to make viewing and maintenance easy. Warm, oxygenated water from main aquarium circulates continuously through the breeding box with the use of an air pump (sold separately), so that fish enjoy the same conditions as the aquarium. Additional heaters or filters not required.

_ Multi-Purpose
_ Safe & secure tank for breeding, isolating or acclimatizing fish or shrimp
_ Space-saving design, easily installs on the exterior of the aquarium
_ Up to 3 separate compartments for breeding, isolating or acclimatizing fish, using partition plates (included)
_ For frameless aquariums use with min. 5 mm glass thickness

_ Measures 26 cm (10 1/4") wide, 6" high, 6" deep and holds 2.0 Liters (0.5 US gal.) of water.

Item: BD-27-02-10943

Marina Hang On Breeding Box Large
Average rating:
49 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

Marina Hang On Breeding Box Large
Nice price
This is a nice little unit for the price. Currently just using at times to hold bettas or other fish while cycling other tanks. Gives any tank big enough for it to hang on a little added space and and water volume. Like others have said the water flow thru it is rather slow. Even with a decent air pump on it, the flow is only a few gallons an hour if that, but is it just half a gal in size and only for a couple small fish so it should be sufficient. Have not tried with a small water pump but that prob would help with flow. The 0.5 gallon product statement is correct. Measured myself and actually holds a few extra oz before it begins to overflow. Initially looked at the Finnex model of the same thing wanting its larger claimed volume of 1 gallon, but it stated dimensions are the same as this unit so don't know how can be 2x the vol. If anyone can confirm the Finnex volume in a future review, that would be great. As usual Ken's is the best price, almost half of at other places.
Marina Hang On Breeding Box Large
Very Cool
I liked this so much, I bought 3 more! Easy to set up, shaped like a clear HOB filter, and works great for both the cory eggs and guppies I was sorting. Can be split in half or thirds, and the lid clips are useful. The only real downside is that it does collect debris from the aquarium, that either settles on the bottom or can clog the filter piece. I wrapped filter floss around the filter piece to keep babies in & it clogged in a few days. I found out it's designed to overflow into the tank, and not onto the floor, which I also appreciated. Needs to be gently vacuumed regularly, but still miles above interior breeder boxes.
Marina Hang On Breeding Box Large
A must-have for every fishroom!
This item is worth every penny! It is perfect for almost any situation where you need a small container with filtered water, but don't want to set up a separate tank. The large fits perfectly on the back of a 120g if you don't need/want to see it so much. Can even be modified to use a mini-pump/powerhead for maximum water flow. I have one set-up to grow "snail treats" for my loaches, one growing "shrimp treats" and one that I move around to different tanks as a temporary nursery. I put this item on the top of my "must-have" list for every fishroom.
Marina Hang On Breeding Box Large
awesome product
been using these for awhile and love them. well designed, great versatility. I'm growing tons of fry in these. Some fish will eat the fry through breeder nets, they can't get to these. Hangs on the outside of the tank but works well at flowing water through this box. adjustable to fit all sort of tank and rim designs. has dividers if you want and different size screens for the outflow to prevent fry from being washed through. I'll be buying a lot more of these as I can.