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Marineland Magnum Internal Polishing Filter

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The Magnum Polishing internal canister filter is an innovative new aquarium product from Marineland. After years of making external canister filters, the Magnum Polishing brings the benefits of crystal clear water using the tried and true MaxiJet powerhead.


  • Dual Chamber Media Container to hold carbon or customizable filter media
  • Easy Start with the submerged motor means quick startup and no priming
  • No Back Flush. When the motor shuts off dirt and debris stay in place, keeping the water clean and clear
  • Versitility. Easily converts from everyday, continuous 3 stage filtration to high efficiency water polishing with included micron cartridge
  • The reusable pleated micron cartridge efficiently removes fine debris. leaving water crystal clear. The cartridge may be charged with diatomaceous earth to further increase efficiency.
  • Filter 290 GPH and is rated for tanks up to 97 gallons
  • Comes complete with media

Item: BE-13-04-907706


| No reviews for this product.