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Eheim 2217 Canister Filter

Eheim 2217 Canister Filter
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Flow rates have been precisely calculated to provide the exact balance needed between mechanical and biological long-term filtration, water circulation and oxygen enrichment, resulting in optimum conditions for successful aquarium keeping, with 3-6 month maintenance intervals. Also ideal for specific purpose filtration such as Chemical /Adsorptive (carbon). Tanks to 160gal 264gph Filter volume 1.6gal Tubing 594 (5/8") (16mm) in x 494 out (1/2")(112mm) Includes fine, coarse, and carbon pads packed with ehfimech & ehfisubstrat. Also included is the double tap connectors. Power consumption 20w

Item: BC-06-09-2217370

Eheim 2217 Canister Filter
Average rating:
23 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

Eheim 2217 Canister Filter
Eheim 2217 for a 135 gallon long - great choice!
After a lot of research I bought Eheim. Workmanship is solid, quality is great, they last a loooooong time, and I have other of their products that work well. I bought 2 of these, as the recommendation is to have around twice the filtration power for the size of your tank. The tank is well-planted with no filtration, I had removed the undergravel filters over a year ago, and it was showing murky water, floating "muck", just overall bad condition. I set one filter up on a Friday and put it to work. Saturday the tank was easily 70% clear. I set the second filter up Sunday, Monday morning the water was crystal clear, has remained so. The filters are extremely quiet. Start the siphon by sucking on the small output line on top of the filter (water must fill the curved output line OUT of the tank), close the valve next to your mouth and the filter top, reconnect the lines together, then open the valve again. Give it a couple minutes, plug it in. Came with all filter media. Recommended!
Eheim 2217 Canister Filter
Best Filter EVER
Ok ok, so I haven't used all the filters in the world, but this one works super fantastic right out of the box. I'm seeding it in a 46 bow with used media for an upcoming 55. This would be perfect for anyone thinking about using it for a tank that size. I'm going to pair it with a koralia nano head for extra circulation. It comes with ALL media you'll need. Mech, Substrat pro, and 3 filter pads (coarse blue, fine white and carbon).

The one I received was damaged. The plastic behind where the clip attaches seems to have broken at the factory because one piece that is where you'd pry to get the head apart is also broken. I called up the guys over at Kens and they sent me a new head! No wasted shipping sending 17lbs of product back. I got the new head today and will return the other in the morning.

Love these guys. I almost never leave reviews so it's gotta be good. Best Customer Service.. Ever! Hands down!
Eheim 2217 Canister Filter
Filter for a Lifetime
I now have six Eheim 2217 and one 2215. I know I have a fish addiction.

One of these filters I have owned for 21 years and another one for over 18 years. These have been running almost non-stop the entire time except for a few moves etc. Not a single problem, not one!

I had to replace one impeller shaft that I broke when cleaning. They may have lost some of their power but not much. Large canister for plenty of media. Very easy to connect and disconnect hoses for maintenance.

Absolutely the best filters out there.

Kens has the best price and service, I have searched the web (remember I have seven filters) for the best price and Kens is it.

The service is awesome as well. Super fast.

Buy this filter and get it from Kens. My two cents.
Eheim 2217 Canister Filter
Eheim 2217
this is probably the best canister filter on the market for the money. you can even spend considerably more and not get the quality and performance. I use 15 of them in my fish room and have never had a problem. some have been running for 15 years and as of yet I haven't had to replace any parts. the only issue I have is that the manufacturer tends to be a little generous as to the size tank these units will filter. I have a 150 gallon with two and the water is crystal clear. be sure and get the model that comes with media and disconnect valves, it makes life so much easier
***** 5 stars!!