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Eheim 2075 Canister Filter

Eheim 2075 Canister Filter
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This filter comes complete with pads, ehfimech media, efhisubstrate pro media. Everything you need to keep your tank clean and clear and well balanced. Filters 330 gph and is rated for tanks up to 160 gallons.

Item: BC-10-09-2075370

Eheim 2075 Canister Filter
Average rating:
3 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

Eheim 2075 Canister Filter
Eheim Ultra G160 207501/24/2014
By Excellent Filter!
Man! Where do I begin! I have five Ultra G160 2075's on various tanks. All of them running with no issues. They keep the water clear and clean. Besides they only consume 16 watts x 5 = 80 watts for all five filters and not to mention they are super quiet. Had a Iwaki pump on a single tank consuming 90 watts. Love the Eheim reliability and performance. Although they are slightly expensive, I wouldn't want to touch anything else. Way to go Eheim!
Eheim 2075 Canister Filter
Greatest filter I have ever used!12/17/2012
By Glen Ditz
I runa 75 gallon African Cichlid system and needed some better filtration as I was adding fish... I bought this item after being counseled to on a forum that I frequent and all I can say is it is awesome! It runs so quietly that if not for the output which is strong, I would have to feel it to see if it is actually on... A great filter for the money! I will be buying another when I get my new tank soon!!!
Eheim 2075 Canister Filter
Eheim Pro 3 207503/12/2014
By Penny Crowley
Awesome filter, awesome service from Ken's. One tip: if your Pro 3 rattles after start-up, the float valve might have been installed upside down. Found this info on the internet (it was after hours for Eheim support). Turned it around & that worked like a charm. Running totally silent now. LOVE IT and LOVE KEN's.

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