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ATI Hydro Sponge Filter #1

ATI Hydro Sponge Filter #1
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The ATI sponge filters are excellent biological as well mechanical filters that only need a source of air to operate. They are excellent for fry tanks because they won't suck up your babies! For aquariums up to 10 gallons. Sponge size 2 x 3.75 Inches

Item: AA-26-01-910

ATI Hydro Sponge Filter #1
Average rating:
8 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

ATI Hydro Sponge Filter #1
Works Well in Fish Tub, Provides Fry Hiding Area09/01/2012
By Robert L Cochran Jr
I bought this to provide very gentle aeration and biological filtration to my fish tub during a recent heat wave. Based on a weekend of testing it seemed to work fine. Unfortunately I had to travel for most of this summer and I wasn't able to closely monitor the filter. I disconnected the filter from the air pump and left the filter immersed in the tub. This has worked well, the filter provided hiding places for the many fry in the tub, and together with Ken's food, helped me get a nice number of fry. One mistake on my part: I left the air line connected to the filter and hung the air pump end of the air line on some hardware cloth. I had one incident when I let the air line drop to the ground and I didn't notice this started a siphoning action. The next morning most of the water had siphoned out of the tub. I refilled the tub and removed the air line. Happily all the fish and fry seemed to have survived because there was still about 2" of water in the tub.
ATI Hydro Sponge Filter #1
ATI hydro Sponge Filter10/18/2012
By Matt Cissna
I think these work great. You can use them as a corner filter, or just dont use the uplift tube and just have Bio filter and aeration. You can trim or bend the uplift tube if its too tall, but its better to leave them on as high as possible so that they get maximum filtertration. All you need is a little tubing and an air stone and air pump, they colonize with BB very fast, I have all 6 of mine sitting in a 20Gallon long tank with a cycled Powerfilter and a few goldfish running and within a week or two they will be colonized and ready to go into my individual ten gallon tanks. Works great, and especially as a biological filter. I give it 4/5 stars because it could be better at mechinal and because it clogs easily and needs to be squeezed out into used tankwater ever once and awhile like with water changes.
ATI Hydro Sponge Filter #1
Great for first filter07/16/2013
I used this as a filter with an airstone and heater when hatching eggs in a 10g. Seeded in advance from parents tank. Then eventually transferred over to their next step 30g tank with AC30 and pre filter sponge. Stays in place, easy to setup.
ATI Hydro Sponge Filter #1
By Michael Braham
I use these in all my tanks. I find the tanks do well with these. (I even have a discus/spiny eel display tank that runs these in place of box filters).