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ATI Filter Max #3

ATI Filter Max #3
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This is great for any tank with a power filter. These go over the intake to stop the fry from being sucked up. This also maintains your biological filtration when the main filter is being changed. Can also be used with canister filters and power heads. Come in three sizes. For aquariums over 40 gallons.

Item: AA-07-04-1930

ATI Filter Max #3
Average rating:
11 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

ATI Filter Max #3
Does a great job .. 06/12/2014
By NativeKeeper
.. of filtering out debris before getting into your filter requiring less maintenance on it. The ATI #3 uses the Pro type reticulated sponge for higher flow rate applications. I use them on my high flow rate canister & power filters. Also means they don't clog as quickly as other sponges. Comes with enough adapters you should be able to use it on any filter EXCEPT those with square intakes. On some filters (AquaTech for one) I'm able just slide the filter stainer right over the intake tube without using any adapters. Only downside it's a bit big in diameter .. I think it's about 3" around.
ATI Filter Max #3
Excellent filters07/15/2012
By Candice
I have ordered a few times, even for friends abroad. Ken ships really fast, has very reasonable prices and the products work very well, in my case filters for shrimp tanks/small fish. They are easy to install and have attachments for different filters --and really cheap. I plan to make more purchases when the need comes up and I highly recommend buying from Ken's :)
ATI Filter Max #3
Great multi-use gadget02/13/2013
By Joseph Cohen
Great little add on for any pre-filter scenario. I use mine as a UV pre-filter. In the past I've used it as a pre-filter to a fluidized bed reactor. It's not small, but I've always managed to hide it behind something.
ATI Filter Max #3
Great Product - Excellent Company01/15/2013
By m00se
I just want to say that I'm very happy with these prefilters, and Ken ships fast and has awesome prices. He's my go-to guy for just about everything. Thanks Ken! I know you work your b off and it shows.

Featured negative reviews:

ATI Filter Max #3
max #312/21/2013
By david erwinski
only could use the actual sponge itself. largest size product only designed for 30 gallon filters and smaller. disappointed.