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Aquatop CAF 25 Sponge Filter

Aquatop CAF 25 Sponge Filter
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Sponge filters have been around for decades and there’s a reason these filters are so popular. Sponge filters do an excellent job of clearing impurities from aquarium water and are amazingly simple and inexpensive to operate. The Aquatop CAF-25 can be used in systems up to 25 gallons and is simple to install. Use it as a stand-alone filter or for breeders and hatcheries; you won't be disappointed with its performance.

Like all the CAF Classic Sponge Filters, the CAF-25 runs silently and offers excellent filtering while oxygenating the water. The specially developed foam materials support the colonization of beneficial bacteria, allowing for mechanical and biological filtration, which will break down harmful ammonia and nitrite material resulting in a cleaner living environment for your fish.

• For freshwater and saltwater aquariums
• Install with either an air pump or a powerhead
• Provides reliable filtration in fry aquariums and quarantine systems
• Add extra biological filtration in heavily stocked aquariums
• Models designed for virtually any size system

Item: BC-21-02-012513

•Sponge Filter
•Up to 25 Gallons
•Base Diameter: 2.75 inches
•Sponge Diameter: 3.125 inches
•Uplift Tube Height from Top of Filter: 3.00 inches
•Sponge Height, Base to Top: 3.50 inches
•Full height w/ Sponge and Uplift Tube: 6.75 inches
•Uplift I/D: 0.75 inches
•40 Pores/Linear Inch

Aquatop CAF 25 Sponge Filter
Average rating:
4 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

Aquatop CAF 25 Sponge Filter
Efficient, and great for the price!
It's a sponge filter. You can expect a lot out of a sponge filter, or almost nothing. I use them for shrimp breeding tanks, and I LOVE how inexpensive these are! I bought extra so I can "grow" algae on some from a 1-Gallon tank sitting in a window, and switch them out.

The only problem I have with them is that there is no real air diffuser. The bubbles come up big, and they pop big! I don't use hoods on the tanks that have these, so I end up with the bubbles splashing everywhere. I had to lower the water level to keep it from covering my walls! I'm still working on a home-made diffuser (organza fabric inside one of the pieces does NOT work - neither does over-stuffed polyester filling so I will try plain old screen next).

But for the price, you can overlook the inconvenience of keeping the water level low.
Aquatop CAF 25 Sponge Filter
great filter
I've always loved this design on a sponge filter. They have heavy bottoms that keeps them in place and they fit perfectly even in smaller aquariums.
Aquatop CAF 25 Sponge Filter
Sponge filters
I always buy these sponge filters from Ken when I need sponge filters. Great price and quality. They work really well
Aquatop CAF 25 Sponge Filter
Very resonanble prices and good quality product I like this brand very much