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Hurricane Category 5 Air Pump

Hurricane Category 5 Air Pump
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Automatic rechargable AC/DC air pump

Features include:

Automatically switches to battery backup in event of power failure & recharges when power is restored.

Integrated d-cell battery slots for use when main battery pack is exhausted. Adjustable, electronic flow control with interval battery extension technology. Two output modes: full mode¯ pumps continuously for 14 hours on full battery & interval mode¯ runs one minute on, one minute off extending battery operation up to 28 hours (approx). Removeable, 6 volt nickel cadmium battery pack included. Designed with dual output ports & impact resistant housing. INPUT PWR: 110V 120V @ 60HZ. PWR USAGE: 12W @ 36 INCHES. OUTPUT: 65 GPH. PORT SIZE: 2 - 3/16¯. BATTERY: 6V NI-CAD OR (4) D-CELL. PROTECTION: OVERLOAD & DEEP. CYCLE DISCHARGING.

Item: BD-20-02-61037

Hurricane Category 5 Air Pump
Average rating:
4 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

Hurricane Category 5 Air Pump
Hurricane Air Pump
Pro: Battery back-up; constant, or interrupt cycles of air; provides enough air to run a larger tank(75 gal.) This Hurricane 5 Ai9r Pump has saved my fish more than once. It is a piece of mind knowing that filtration will continue to operate.

Cons: price, and some uncertainty about the battery life that is built-in to Hurricane 5 Air pump.
Hurricane Category 5 Air Pump
Great item for the fish room
Surprisingly quiet air pump! I use it non-stop for sponge filters in 6 tanks ranging from 10-25 gallons. I love the battery back up idea and I live in a frequent power outage area.
Hurricane Category 5 Air Pump
Definately always the quickest shipment . The pricing is unbeatable and the selection is great. They'll remain my #1 supplier without a doubt.
Hurricane Category 5 Air Pump
The hurricane
Awesome product worked great with my 4 sponge filters with the power out , now I just use them all the time